5 Simple Ways to Build Self-Love

Self-love is the most important part of living a happy – and healthy – life. It’s what gives you the confidence and strength to fight for the life you deserve surrounded by others who empower you instead of one filled with self-doubt surrounded by people who tear you down further. Self-love doesn’t mean you can’t love others and they can’t love you. It means that you love yourself so fully that you are able to love others selflessly and that other people’s love of you is simply a bonus rather than the determining factor of your happiness.

Self-love is knowing that you are worth all of the beautiful things in life you desire and having the courage to get them for yourself.

But building self-love can be tough. We live in a world that constantly makes us aware of our “flaws”.  It tells us we’re not smart enough. We’re not thin enough. We’re not pretty enough. We’re not good enough. It’s up to you to break through all of that negative noise and convince yourself that are good enough.

Here are simple things you can do on a daily basis to improve your self-love:

  1. Smile at yourself whenever you look in a mirror. This is honestly the easiest and most impactful way to build self-love. Think about the warm fuzzies you feel when someone else smiles at you. You have the power to give those feelings to yourself whenever you smile in a mirror. It’s a silent way of saying “I like you. You are worth kindness.” And the best part is that those feelings or worth are coming from yourself, making other people’s opinions of you unimportant.
  2. Accept compliments from other people. How often does someone compliment you and your response is to negate that compliment whether out loud to that person or in your own head? Imagine the difference it would make in your self-esteem to believe the compliments you get instead of always putting yourself down.
  3. Take time for self-care. Most of us are guilty of making the other people in our life our priority and never taking the time to put ourselves first. It’s so important to take “me time” to do something good for yourself. Whether that’s getting a massage, getting your nails done, doing an at-home spa night, taking your favorite spin class, quietly reading a great book, or binge-watching your favorite TV show. As long as it’s something YOU want to do that makes YOU happy, do it! It’s a simple way to remind yourself that your needs are just as important as everyone else’s.
  4. Stand up for yourself. This one is a bit more challenging and uncomfortable to do at first, but it is so worth it. Think about the people in your life who push you around and make you feel bad about yourself. Now imagine standing up to those people and preventing them from putting you down. It can be scary standing up to someone, especially if they are in a position “above” you such as a boss or parent, but allowing someone to insult you or push you around on a regular basis can have a huge negative impact on your self-worth and the sooner you stop their behavior, the sooner you’ll feel better about yourself.
  5. Make a list of everything you like about yourself. Once you start your list, you’ll be surprised by how quickly it will grow! It may start out as just a few things, but over time that list will grow as your self-love grows. You can either keep a running list on a piece of paper or you can put sticky notes somewhere in your home that you’ll see every day so you’ll have a constant reminder of all of the great things about you. Imagine the impact of combatting the negative messages you receive every day from the outside world with your own positive words about yourself. Now that’s self-empowerment!

Do you have other ways to improve your self-love? Share them in the comments either on my site or Facebook page!

Best Wishes for a Happy and Healthy You,


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